Sunday, September 12, 2010

Day 5: To Ashland, OR and Lava Beds National Monument

Wednesday, September 8, 2010: We headed up Highway 199 to Ashland, OR. We drank from the sulphur and mineral rich Lithia fountain in the town square and then washed our mouths out at the Carter Memorial fountain also in the town square.

Next, we took a walking tour of the historic old railroad district and had lunch at Brother's Restaurant Deli near Ashland Creek. Then it was time to hit the road and make it to our next destination before nightfall: Lava Beds National Monument.

Arriving at Lava Beds was like driving on the surface of another planet. The park is full of interesting geologic features and lava flows. And, it is full of bats.

The Lava Beds campground looks over high plains that stretch forever and is $10/night. It was also almost empty and the ranger at the visitor center said that the campground rarely fills so they don't bother with reservations. The park is very remote with no food and gas for miles and miles. If you visit, pack your own food and water.

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